Dear Distinguished Delegates of Oyi/Ayamelum constituency

Gender sensitivity, gender inclusion and gender balance should be pertinent and factored in as a prerequisite and a consideration while electing a flag bearer or candidate of our reputable party.

Another pivotal issue to put into cognizance is the issue of overwhelming grassroot support, influence and acceptability. Someone with political will and dexterity of winning elections in multi-sectoral facets and dimensions.

Thirdly, track record of administrative performance, antecedents and proficiency. Someone with the will and capacity to manage things, manage people and utilize our collective infinitesimal resources for betterment of all.

After critical scrutiny, empirical analysis and survey, research has proven that Lady Maureen Chinwe Gwacham is most competent, eligible and likely suited for the task.

_In all fairness, sincerity and honesty, let us unanimously support Lady Maureen Chinwe Gwacham to fly our party ticket in order to catapult Oyi/Ayemelum constituency to an enviable height and a resounding status…




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