Causes of waist pain and its remedies that you don’t know.

Stop slouching

First and foremost I stop slouching. One of the most common causes of waist pain is poor sitting postures.

The strain on the back while sitting on a slouched position can cause excessive pressure on the joint, muscle and disc therefore causing pain in the waist.

Learn to sit with correct posture at all times to help decrease or eliminate your waist pain. Also be sure your work space is set up properly both home and work place.

Stop avoiding exercise.

It may hurt when you start, but exercise for your waist is proven to be beneficial for waist pain.

It helps keep your core muscles strong, provide increased circulation to your joints and disc and it equally gives you a sense of well-being. Exercise have proven to be a natural remedy to most body pain.

Nevertheless, visit a physiotherapist for advice on the best exercise format to use in order to curb or cure your waist pain with time.

Stop lifting heavy items.

Lifting heavy loads is one of the major cause of waist pain. If your job requires heavy lifting, ask your employer if special equipments (or an extra set of hand) is available to help ease the load on your waist.

NB: This post should not be used as a professional medication.


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