Boreholes, Well Water Contaminated, Ogun Govt Tells Flooded Communities

A warning has been issued to residents of flooded Ogun areas not to drink water at this time from wells or boreholes.

Residents of lowlands regions in Isheri, Warewa, Magboro, Arepo, and the Estates in Ifo Local Government were urged by the Ogun State government to avoid drinking water from wells and boreholes and to prioritize hygiene.

According to reports, this became crucial in halting the spread of cholera and other aquatic illnesses.

Ola Oresanya, the Ogun Commissioner for Environment, urged people to find an expedient solution to the calamity that has left many homeless during his inspection trip to border communities.

According to Oresanya, the flood has contaminated water sources and facilities through chemical contaminants such as fuel, pesticides and metals.

He added that the water sources have also been affected by pathogens in sewage, cemeteries, septic tanks and dead animals.

The Commissioner announced that government would embark on dredging and clearing drainage channels and waterways.

He blamed the flooding on the carefree attitude of residents to waste management among other critical environmental issues, saying some people built on water channels.


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