BIAFRA: Chief of Defence Staff Goes after Simon Ekpa

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) has issued a strong statement declaring the military’s intention to apprehend Simon Ekpa, the leader of the Biafra Republic Government in Exile. This declaration comes amidst growing concerns over Ekpa’s activities, which have been linked to recent violence and unrest in Nigeria.

Simon Ekpa, a former athlete turned separatist leader, has been a contentious figure due to his outspoken support for the Biafran cause.

Consequently, authorities accuse him of inciting violence and contributing to the instability in various regions of the country. The government’s response has been firm, emphasizing the need to restore peace and order.

The CDS emphasized the gravity of Ekpa’s actions and the disruption they have caused. In a recent statement, the CDS asserted that the military is fully committed to tracking down Ekpa and bringing him to justice. This pursuit reflects the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards individuals or groups inciting violence and threatening national security.

According to the CDS, the military’s efforts to locate and apprehend Ekpa are part of a broader strategy to address separatist movements and other threats to Nigeria’s unity.
The CDS’s declaration underscores the importance of maintaining national cohesion and the rule of law. It also sends a clear message to those who may support or engage in similar activities.

The Chief of Defence Staff’s vow to track down Simon Ekpa marks a significant step in the Nigerian government’s efforts to combat separatist activities and ensure national stability.

Even though the military’s resolve to bring Ekpa to justice highlights the ongoing commitment to safeguarding the country’s unity and security, it has triggered mixed reactions.


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