Anambra first lady insults the deputy governor, see why

Again, Dr Nkem Okeke Needs Your Prayer.

“You Want To Kill My Husband And Take Over” – Osodieme accuses Nkem Okeke.

The report earlier published by AIF Media on the brewing rift between gov Obiano and his deputy, Dr Nkem Okeke has been confirmed by one of the leaders of APGA and a close family friend to the Okekes, Chief Mrs Gloria Nwabufo.

In substantiating our report, Mrs Nwabufo who made her confirmation through a comment in our post said the governor’s wife accused the deputy governor of trying to kill the governor so that he can take over.

She stated that it was Osodieme that invited the deputy Governor through a phone call. When the deputy governor arrived, he met the governor and sat down to have a chat with him. While they were discussing, the First Lady came in and began to query the deputy why he went to Arthur Eze’s house to report the governor.

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Here is her confirmation statement made on our post.

“Igwe APGA Ben Obi, did not do well at all, for crying out loud, the Deputy Governor should be respected because he was elected in the same platform with the Governor. The Governor’s wife has no right to be abusing the Deputy Governor Dr Nkem Okeke. Eneh Chigozie the Deputy Governor was invited by the Governors wife through a phone call, that they are now living in the Governors Lodge in Onitsha. The Deputy Governor went as a casual visit, he met the Governor who welcomed him, as they were chatting Ebele Obiano the Governors wife came downstairs to join them, she asked the Deputy Governor why he went to Arthur Eze to report the Governor to him, that he is not been treated well, she said Mbuze Agulu told them, they also called him, they called Arthur too to ask him. Dr Nkem told the Governor its been long he told him to change his cars but he didn’t, the next thing the Governors wife started abusing Dr Nkem Okeke, there was tension Ebele told Dr Nkem Okeke she wants her husband to die so that he will take over, it is unfortunate, Dr Nkem Okeke is a gentle man, the Governors wife has no right to insult him.” ~ Gloria Nwabufo.


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