2023: Time to take back Kwara for the people – Saraki

Bukola Saraki, the former president of the Senate, stated on Wednesday that it is time for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to retake the state from the All Progressives Congress, which is currently in power, for the benefit of the state’s residents.

The former governor of the state challenged Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq to participate in a public debate with the governorship candidate of the PDP if he is brave enough to account for his stewardship since 2019. The former governor was speaking at the Kwara Talk Show titled “Yesterday, Today, and tomorrow of our dream,” organised by Jamaa Group for Yaman/Makanjuola candidacy for the 2023 gubernatorial election in Ilorin, the state

Governor Abdulrazaq should publicly recount his accomplishments since taking office, according to Saraki, or “count himself as disqualified in the race for his re-election in 2023.”

In order to guarantee the party’s complete victory, he exhorted stakeholders and party members to launch a massive campaign for the party’s gubernatorial candidates and presidential candidate.

The national leader of the party said all campaign promises made by the ruling APC state government have not been fulfilled three years after being in power.

He said the PDP years in the state were characterized by feasible achievements, which include, Aviation College, Kwara state University, Malete, Diagnostic Centre, education, agriculture and health sectors among others.

“PDP’s achievements in the past years cannot be dismissed in a hurry, hence I call on you to vote for competent candidates that we shall be proud of as our representatives.

“Let us rebuild the state by voting for the right candidates because the difference between Kwara of yesterday and today is very clear as we match towards a brighter tomorrow.”

In his own speech, the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Yaman Abdullahi, said the party intends to chart a better future for children and the youths by creating opportunities for them.

“In the bid to rescue Kwara from the doldrums, if we need to crawl, we shall crawl, if we need to jump, we shall jump, and if we need to run, we shall run.

“I will be transparent, open and accessible,” adding that a prosperous Kwara state is possible if we work together and I am elected in 2023 as governor of the state.”

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