2023: Obi Outsmarts Soludo, Gives Him Epic Response

Amidst the propaganda rising from the comments made by the Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Charles Soludo, about the inability of the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi to win the 2023 election, Ndi Anambra among other Nigerians in the Diaspora have taken separate sides in the prevailing controversy.

It could be recalled that Prof Soludo stated it categorically clear that Mr. Peter Obi’s presidential ambition exists a wide goose chase.

Meanwhile having been dealt with on a Public Television program with the state governor, H.E Mr. Peter Obi has deemed it necessarily fit to give a reply to the governor.

Although Prof Soludo had later declared readiness to keep to his views regardless of who may be faulted.

Mr. Peter has given Prof Charles Soludo a reply not to be forgotten in a haste

Read the details of his assertion below:

“When you spread your investment, some go up, some would come down. But overall, the company is still there, the company is still doing well. It is still part of a global chain and everything.

“I needed to explain it not because I am defending a comment by my brother. My brother is my brother, he remains my brother. We are very close. I remain prayerful for him.

“For other things which I didn’t succeed, God has allowed him to do it and succeed. For me ee, yes, if there is anything pending, governance does not finish. People are still in government in America. So you stop where you stop, and other people will continue from there.

“I don’t look back. He is the governor of my state, I will always respect him. He’s my senior brother and even more intelligent than me because he is a professor and I am a trader. So he knows more. So he will be able to do things better than I am doing them.

“You know I have done my little own as a trader, now that a professor is there, he will do his own as a professor. The schools I didn’t roof, you roof. That is how the government goes. If another person comes, do, his own and but let us think about…”
(Mr. Peter Obi).


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