2023: Kwankwaso unveils 25-chapter blueprint, promises a workable Nigeria

Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), has unveiled his blueprint, promising a new Nigeria where the economy, agriculture, security, and education will be prioritized.

Kwankwaso said in Abuja on Tuesday that capable, competent, and hardworking Nigerians will be appointed to key and sensitive positions that will help Nigeria become one of the world’s best-run economies.

He stated that the Ministries of Finance, Trade and Investment, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, the Nigeria Customs Service, and the Nigeria Port Authority will be led by Nigerians of the highest caliber and that a sound and knowledgeable National Economic Adviser will be appointed.

According to him, his government will employ, explore, and deplore the maximum use of technology to secure Nigeria, adding that the country’s security architecture will be completely overhauled to protect it from internal and external aggressions.

He also promised to care for the country’s out-of-school children by constructing 500,000 classroom blocks and having a presence in all 774 local government areas. Furthermore, corruption will be exposed, while civil servants and public servants will be forced to be honest, transparent, and accountable.

After 16 years of PDP and 8 years of APC leadership resulting in persistent insecurity, unprecedented economic crises, mass unemployment, increased poverty and destitution, growing and uncontrolled inflation, the collapse of social services including education and health services, increased corruption and graft and increased mistrust and division, the Nigerian citizens are dissatisfied and disappointed and are yearning for a positive change.

The choice in the 2023 general elections is clear: A New and Better Nigeria that the NNPP is poised to put in place or the continuation of the status quo, the NNPP presidential candidate stated.

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