2022 FIFA World Cup: Jeanne Marie Reveals How God Speaks To Cameroon Via Switzerland Striker, Embolo

Jeanne Marie Abou’ou has revealed how injustice and negligence of talents have contributed to the various loopholes in the sociopolitical system of Cameroon.

Abou’ou stated this while reacting to the circumstances surrounding the zero –1 defeat of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon by the Switzerland striker Breel Donald Embolo.

Jeanne Marie Abou’ou, who resides in Yaounde reacted to the ongoing fuss about Embolo scoring against his country of origin.

Her statement:
“My son, there’s nothing to reproach you for. We are confronted today with our contradictions.

“We must rather question how we manage our talents in Cameroon and Africa. This gesture which has caused chills all over 237 today, including yourself the scorer, challenges us because it is when you saw the ball in the back of the net that you realized the seriousness of your gesture.

“You are a victim of the underworld who took charge, hostage of the football system in Cameroon; that rejects and humiliates talents in Cameroon.

” Tomorrow it will be Mbappe if we meet France or several other Cameroonians in foreign teams. Why are talents rejected and fought against in Cameroon instead of being groomed?

“How many Cameroonians rejected by their country are bringing glory to other nations in various fields, not only football, they are very numerous.

“The best medical engineers etc, are rejected while the mediocre are adored. We make icons without intelligence or talent or morality, we impose them on society, and this is the result.

What happened with your goal against your native land is the cliché of all sectors in Cameroon. One day Cameroon will be attacked by a foreign army headed by a Cameroonian if things continue like this.

Intelligence will continue to be valued elsewhere and we will use them against Cameroon like Switzerland your country of nationality has done today, my boy.

Today, you bear the burden of dysfunction in your domain for which you are not responsible. We pray to God that the President of FECAFOOT, this worthy son of Africa, fights in such an intense way this same mediocrity in his country.

May you have the strength to do everything so that a son of the country no longer finds himself so unhappy and disgusted at having played his role like you today.

I saw the sadness in your eyes, you were in pain when you only played your role. God spoke to Cameroon through you, It’s up to us to understand”.

Credit: #nexdimempire


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